About PRAV

PRAV Publishing, founded in October 2019 and unveiled to the public in March 2020, is an independent publishing house devoted to the publication of scholarly and popular works which build bridges of ideas between Continents and Civilizations – East and West, North and South, Past, Present, and Future.

Through its translation and publishing initiatives, PRAV is guided by the understanding that the past several centuries have by no means been the “End of History.” As the illusions of the waning period of ideological and geopolitical unipolarity fade, and as the planet’s diverse cultures are faced with the many complex realities and possibilities of multipolarity and the return of “rejected knowledge”, PRAV sees the growing need and aspirations for critical reconsiderations of histories, ideas, and currents which transcend the Modern, predominantly Western frameworks which have “divided and conquered” in recent times and spaces.

Through the publication of diverse authors, ideas, and perspectives, PRAV strives to contribute to a Polylogue of Civilizations, unfettered by the reductions and prejudices of what has passed for the “progress of knowledge” under the paradigm presently in decline. This means not only recovering the diverse histories and intellectual exchanges which have been excluded, mistreated, and disconnected in mainstream discourses, but also moving beyond these inadequate paradigms towards perspectives which reintegrate the old and new in relations befitting of the world’s plurality of cultures and experiences from the depths of prehistory to the horizons of the contested future.

In this spirit, PRAV welcomes authors, theories, methodologies, and styles which testify to the existence and flourishing of Thought and Being before, during, and after the fading of the much-fabled “End of History.”