One Year of PRAV Publishing: A Letter from the Editor

Dear readers,

2020 was a year for which many words might immediately rush to mind. Few of them promise to be positive. For billions of people, 2020 was defined by the sudden struggle of adapting to survive the COVID-19 pandemic with the seemingly endless lockdown and restriction policies attached to it and all the ensuing consequences in countless spheres of life. Within a matter of months, the “globalized world” was swiftly shut down, and many have found themselves isolated, demoralized, and even disenfranchised, with no apparent resolution in sight. In most parts of the world, this situation has dragged on into 2021. Many plans, hopes, and aspirations have not fared well in the throes of this new world disorder.Continue reading “One Year of PRAV Publishing: A Letter from the Editor”

Traveling to Agartha – excerpt from THE REAWAKENING OF MYTH

Excerpt from THE REAWAKENING OF MYTH by Boris Nad, coming soon on 10 December 2020 from PRAV Publishing:

The history of peoples is made by the unwritten history of great travels and world travelers – a history that began long before Herodotus or Marco Polo, in the Neolithic or even earlier, in some fantastical age of mankind. Perhaps even at the dusk of the primordial Golden Age, with glaciation or flood, and with the first in a series of catastrophes faced by the human species.

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