Self-Knowledge and National Culture – excerpt from Foundations of Eurasianism Vol. I

Excerpt from FOUNDATIONS OF EURASIANISM – VOLUME I, forthcoming from PRAV Publishing:

He who has not come to know himself cannot be and is incapable of being himself. Only by comprehending one’s nature, one’s essence with perfect clarity and fullness does it become possible to remain unique without self-contradiction, self-deception, or deceiving others. It is only in the establishment of a harmony and integrity of identity on the basis of clear and full understanding of one’s nature that the highest earthly happiness is attainable. At the same time, this constitutes the very essence of morality, for genuine self-knowledge allows one to hear the voice of conscience with extraordinary clarity…This is the highest spiritual beauty a person might attain, for self-deception and internal contradiction, being inevitable in the absence of true self-knowledge, always make a person spiritually ugly. In this very self-knowledge lies the highest wisdom available to man, both the practical and worldly and the theoretical, for all other knowledge is illusory and vain. Only in having achieved an identity founded in self-knowledge can a person (or people) be certain that they are truly fulfilling their purpose on earth, truly becoming that which they were created to be. This is an end in itself, but also a means…Continue reading “Self-Knowledge and National Culture – excerpt from Foundations of Eurasianism Vol. I”

POLEMOS Excerpt – PRAV’s First – Banned on Facebook

The following sneak-peek excerpt from PRAV Publishing‘s forthcoming title, Polemos: The Dawn of Pagan Traditionalism by Askr Svarte (Evgeny Nechkasov), shared on Facebook today (PRAV Publishing‘s first such post on Facebook) resulted in an immediate 30-day ban on posting by PRAV Publishing and the disabling of Editor-in-Chief Jafe Arnold‘s personal account for “Violation of Community Standards”:

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