After the Virus: The Rebirth of a Multipolar World


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By Boris Nad

Translated and Edited with a Foreword by Jafe Arnold

360 pages / Released August 2022 / Available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook.


All the signs are here: the modern Western world order dominated by the United States of America will not survive the 21st century. The “End of History” proclaimed after the Cold War has proven to be a dangerous illusion, leaving many unprepared for the crises, conflicts, and seismic shifts already upon us and those still to come. With a dual sense of urgency and calm, Boris Nad’s After the Virus: The Rebirth of a Multipolar World invites readers to catharsis, to recognize that there is not one, but many civilizations, and that the horizons of the future are both open-ended and deeply rooted in different pasts and presents. In this penetrating symphony of essays, Nad challenges us to see that we live in the end of an era, the end of a world, but only one, and that the most turbulent events, figures, and contrasts of our times are episodes in a much older and larger picture of the rise and fall of civilizations and ideas. After the Virus is essential reading for keeping one’s fingers on the pulses of continents and deciphering the dizzying panorama of contemporary geopolitics.


Table of Contents

Foreword – To Be or Not To Be: Experiencing Multipolarity with Boris Nad


Preface – The Rebirth of a Multipolar World


I. Many Worlds

The West and the Rest

The Struggle for a Multipolar World

Is there a Western Civilization?

The Rise of Civilization-States

The Western World’s Heart of Darkness


II. The Lost Continent of Europe

The Forgotten Continent: Eastern Europe

The “Greater Eastern Europe” Project

The Myth of Central Europe

The Ninth Country

Europe is Dead!


III. The Return of Greater Asia

The Return of Greater Asia

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

The Rise of the Celestial Empire

Iran: Toward the Eurasian Strategic Triangle


IV. American Hubris 

American Hubris

The Self-Destructiveness of Russophobia 2.0

American (Quasi-)Fascism

America vs. China

American Collapse


V. The Era of Eurasia

The Beginning of the Era of Eurasia

Contours of the New Order

The Revival of the Bandung Spirit

Between Capitol Hill and Davos: Eurasia Against Techno-Feudalism

Solidarity with the Global South


VI. Virus Geopolitics

How the Pandemic Halted Western Globalization

Coronavirus and Hybrid War

Fear of Infection

The Outbreak and Outcome of the Modern Plague


VII. The Battle at the Edge

Has the Final Countdown Begun?

Western Imperialism and the Battle for Ukraine

The Big Reveal: The Unreality of Western Sanctions

Beyond Ukraine and the Dollar: The Return of History


In Lieu of an Epilogue: Impressions of a Post-American World


Excerpt – “The Outbreak and Outcome of the Modern Plague”


Boris Nad (b. 1966) is a Serbian philosopher and author of diverse genres. Born in Vinkovci, Slavonia and graduated from the University of Belgrade, since 1994 Nad has authored more than a dozen volumes of poetry and prose on matters spiritual and geopolitical. Since 2016, Nad has been a featured geopolitical commentator on the pages of the Serbian publications Pečat and Novi Standard as well as international media. In addition, he is a member of the Eurasian Artists Association and a contributor to the conceptual-music project T.S.I.D.M.Z. He lives outside of Belgrade, Serbia. PRAV Publishing has previously published a collection of Nad’s mythological writings, The Reawakening of Myth (2020).