Foundations of Eurasianism – Volume II


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Featuring texts by Nikolai Trubetzkoy, Petr Savitsky, Georges Florovsky, Petr Suvchinsky, & Petr Bitsilli

Translated and Edited by Jafe Arnold and John Stachelski

With an Introduction by Ksenya Ermishina

276 pages, released November 2022. Available in hardcover, paperback and ebook editions.


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A century ago, between the uneasy aftermath of the First World War and the chaos of the Russian Revolution, an elite group of Russian intellectuals announced the discovery of a new continent they called “Eurasia”, a sprawling landmass wedged between Europe and Asia fated to upend mainstream Eurocentric narratives on history and civilization. The intellectual trend these diverse thinkers initiated came to be called “Eurasianism”, a school of thought which quickly developed into a movement, unsettling geographical and ideological borders, pushing beyond divisions between East and West, and innovatively bridging science, aesthetics, and religion. As this current took shape throughout the 1920s-’30s, its thinkers engaged manifold fields such as geography and economics, theology and philosophy, linguistics and anthropology, to elaborate an original perspective on the history and identity of Russia, decipher the dilemmas posed by “global Europeanization”, and trace new arcs in the ancient, modern, and future developments of cultural and geopolitical relations. Formerly a little-known curiosity of the fleeting interwar period, the first two decades of the twenty-first century have seen an explosion in the interest and relevance of Eurasianism in its classical and contemporary forms across diverse fields, from the pages of scholarship to the flash-points of geopolitics. While a growing number of scholars and analysts have increasingly emphasized the importance of understanding Eurasianism for deciphering current global trends, accessible translations of the Eurasianists in their own words have remained absent, until now. 

The Foundations of Eurasianism series presents the key works of classical and neo-Eurasianism for the first time in English translation. This second volume opens with an original introduction to the history of the early Eurasianist movement, completes the translation of the Eurasianists’ founding 1921 manifesto, Exodus to the East, and features texts from the second landmark Eurasian anthology from 1922, Pathways.


Table of Contents

From the Translators and Editors – Jafe Arnold and John Stachelski

Introduction – Eurasianism and the Logos of Russian Thought – Ksenya Ermishina

The Era of Faith – Petr Suvchinsky  

The Cunning of Reason  – Georges Florovsky

The Heights and Depths of Russian Culture (The Ethnic Basis of Russian Culture) – Nikolai Trubetzkoy

Two Worlds  – Petr Savitsky

The Eternal Foundation  – Petr Suvchinsky

The Religions of India and Christianity  – Nikolai Trubetzkoy

On Righteous and Sinful Patriotism – Georges Florovsky

The “Russian Problem” – Nikolai Trubetzkoy  

“East” and “West” in the History of the Old World – Petr Bitsilli

The Steppe and Settled Life  – Petr Savitsky

Allegiance to the Idea  – Petr Savitsky   



Excerpt I – “East” and “West” in the History of the Old World