Passages: Studies in Traditionalism and Traditions – Volume I


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Edited by Jafe Arnold, Evgeny Nechkasov, Lucas Griffin, and Luca Siniscalco

*Forthcoming in November/December 2023*


An eventful century has passed since the writings, activities, and networks of René Guénon (1886-1951), Ananda Coomaraswamy (1877-1947), Julius Evola (1898-1974), and Frithjof Schuon (1907-1998) initiated what has come to be known as Traditionalism. Within recent decades, unprecedented attention has been drawn to Traditionalism and Traditionalists, both historical and contemporary, in nearly all possibly categorizable spheres: philosophy, religion, esotericism, politics, literature, art, academia, etc. The legacy of the intellectual current that began with Guénon in interwar France has been continually (re)discovered in diverse domains and forms around the world, and a growing literature has yielded various interpretations of the Traditionalist constellation of ideas, figures, works, influences, intersections, and polemics. In the 21st century, Traditionalists as well as scholars of Traditionalism find themselves at a crossroads of reflection on original, essential questions: What, who, and where is Traditionalism? What does Traditionalism mean? Is Traditionalism a phenomenon of the past, an understanding or misnomer of the present, or part of the future? What is the relationship between Traditionalism and the central notion from which it derives its name: Tradition? Passages: Studies in Traditionalism and Traditions is a hermeneutic agora for perspectives and studies on and in Traditionalism and Traditions.


Table of Contents

From the Editors


Alexander Dugin René Guénon: Traditionalism as a Language


Róbert Horváth Regarding the Term “Traditional Authors”


Maxim Makovchik Traditionalism as Understood by René Guénon and its Contemporary Understanding


Jonatán Gődény The Realisation of the Spirit of Tradition and the Culture of the Unrealised Spirit


Giovanni Sessa Guénon’s Crisis, “Crisis Literature,” and Negative Thought


Troy Southgate Anti-Tradition in the Age of Iron


Gianfranco de Turris The Antitheses of Modernity


Giovanni Damiano The Temporality of the Tiger: Some Notes on the Evolian ‘Riding the Tiger’


Uligang Xanth Ansbrandt Traditionalism as the Tree and the Ark of the Radical Selves for the Restoration of the Erst Philosophy


Jean-Pierre Laurant Heart and Center in René Guénon: On the Usage of Symbols


Tamás Bencze Metaphysical Solipsism — A Basic Principle of Tradition


Eduardo Zarelli A Traditionalist Inquiry into Nature


Collin Cleary Heidegger Against the Traditionalists


Askr Svarte Traditionalism and (Mis-)Understanding Heidegger


Charlie Smith Yuri Mamleev’s Fate of Being as a Response to Guénon’s Metaphysics


Veleslav Cherkasov Tradition and Traditionalism in Contemporary Slavic Native Faith: My Subjective View


Dmitry Moiseev The Political Dimension of Traditionalism in René Guénon and Julius Evola: Defining the Ideal Principles of Social Organization


Roberto Cecchetti Evola and Jung: For a Reactualisation of Tradition


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