Polemos II: Pagan Perspectives


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By Askr Svarte (Evgeny Nechkasov)

Translated and Edited by Jafe Arnold

520 pages / Released August 2021 / Available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook.


Polemos II: Pagan Perspectives is the much-anticipated sequel to Polemos: The Dawn of Pagan Traditionalism. In this wide-ranging study and compelling manifesto, Askr Svarte endeavors to rediscover and reinvigorate pagan philosophy and spirituality amidst the uneasy realities of the (Post-)Modern world. From exploring ancient myths and rituals to confronting contemporary socio-cultural dilemmas, few stones are left unturned in this panorama of the pagan worldview for the twenty-first century. Titled after the ancient Greeks’ divine representation of war, whom the philosopher Heraclitus deemed “the father and king of all”, Polemos maps paganism’s positions and possibilities on the multi-dimensional battlefield of ideas between paradigms, polemics and trends.

In Polemos II: Pagan Perspectives, Askr Svarte invites the reader to delve deeper into the most complex and controversial questions facing the past, present, and future of paganism. The histories and nuances of the monotheistic religions, theories of sexuality and gender, the temptation of pagan politics, the fateful choice between the Right-Hand Path and Left-Hand Path – these and other arenas are radically addressed head-on through the perspective of Pagan Traditionalism. Polemos II: Pagan Perspectives completes the English translation of Askr Svarte’s groundbreaking two-volume work, Polemos: Pagan Traditionalism, originally published in Russian in 2016.


Table of Contents

From the Translator and Publisher


Author’s Preface to the English Edition


I: Paganism and Creationism

The Nuances of Creationism

Traditionalism and Creationism

The Legacy of Plato


The Emergence of Creationism

The Pagan Element in Judaism


In Anticipation of a Positive Future


History and Doctrine


The Pagan Elements of Christianity



Sunnism, Shiism, Sufism, and Salafism

The Culmination of the Rift

Dar al-Harb

The Contemporary Condition

Our Relation to Creationism

The Principal Novelty of Creationism

The Source of the River

Oedipus as a Paradigm


II: Sex and Sexuality

The Metaphysics of Sex

The Androgyne and the Origin of the Sexes



Post-Sexuality: Inversion and Parody


Playing with Gender

Eros in Contemporary Paganism

Paganism and Taboo?


III: The Political Dimensions of Paganism

Preliminary Considerations

Plato’s Utopia

Eternity through Modernity

Tribe or Empire?

Liberalism and the Abruption of Democracy

Race, Nation, and their Myths

From Bigger to Smaller to Older?



Paganism “from the Left”



Conclusions to be Drawn


IV: Right-Hand Path and Left-Hand Path

The Semantics of Hands

Peering into the Abyss

Stepping into the Void in Place 

The Three Sacrifices

The Left Path

Sanātana Dharma and Vāmamārga



The Shuynyi Path and Chernobog

The God Dionysus


The Path without a Path

Darkness and Shadow


The World Egg

The Titans Again

The People of the Forest

The Road for All and None






Excerpt I – The Forest Rebel

Excerpt II – The Legacy of Plato


Askr Svarte (Evgeny Nechkasov) is a Russian Traditionalist philosopher, pagan activist, and the founding head of the Svarte Aske community. Descended from Bessarabian Germans exiled to Siberia in the early 20th century, since 2009 he has been a practicing pagan in the Germanic-Scandinavian tradition and an active voice in the rebirth of paganism in Russia and Europe. Nechkasov is the founding editor of the journals Warha and Alföðr and since 2017 has been a featured guest in Russian media as an expert and defender of paganism. He is the author of numerous works in Russian and English, such as Gap: At the Left Hand of Odin (Fall of Man Press, 2019) and Gods in the Abyss: Essays on Heidegger, the Germanic Logos, and the Germanic Myth (Arktos, 2020). He lives in Novosibirsk, Russia. PRAV Publishing has published his Polemos: The Dawn of Pagan Traditionalism, Polemos II: Pagan Perspectives, and Tradition and Future Shock: Visions of a Future that Isn’t Ours. Nechkasov is a member of the editorial board of PRAV‘s series Passages: Studies in Traditionalism and Traditions.